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Reunion, Discussion and Debate

16 March 2011
Congress House, London

A reunion of journalists who might be considered the lost tribe of Fleet Street hopes to provide a platform for a much-needed debate about the demise of authoritative reporting of unions, the workplace, and labour and industrial affairs.

The news media currently pays scant attention to the world of work and the many issues which affect conditions of employment.  Leading journalists and trade unionists will offer their opinions on what can be done to address a woeful lack of understanding about unions, workplace issues, as well as the causes and conduct of industrial disputes.

Former members of the now defunct Labour and Industrial Correspondents’ Group have banded together to stage a re-union and debate at the TUC’s Congress House in London.

Speakers include Brendan Barber (TUC general secretary), Rodney Bickerstaffe (former general secretary Unison), Geoffrey Goodman (former industrial editor Daily Mirror), columnists Peter Hitchens (Mail on Sunday) and Paul Routledge (Daily Mirror) and John Lloyd (contributing editor and former labour editor Financial Times and director of journalism at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism).

Contributions invited from Christine Buckley (editor, The Journalist and former industrial editor, The Times), Kevin Maguire (associate editor, politics, Daily Mirror), Jo Phillips (joint author, Why Join a Trade Union?) and Alastair Stewart (ITV news reader and former ITN industrial correspondent).

Event Information:

4:00pm: Reunion, refreshments and discussion: “Whatever happened to the Labour and Industrial Correspondents’ Group?” Chair: Nicholas Jones (former BBC radio labour correspondent).

6:30pm: Debate: “Labour correspondents RIP. Who cares?” The debate will be hosted by the Media Society, chaired by David Walter (president of the Media Society and former political correspondent ITN) and produced by John Mair.


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